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The purpose of a dictation (or dictée) is to help you improve your French writing skills and go over French grammar rules. This exercice also shows you the huge differences that exist between spelling and pronunciation in French.


Each dictation is carefully selected to improve your listening skills as well as your grammar and vocabulary. You can see the level of the dictation below. You can choose one that is below your current level to find out if there are points you should still work on. You can also go for a harder dictation and see if you can do it!

For every dictation, you will find two audio files, the first one is the general reading of the passage and the second audio is the slow dictation you should use when you are ready to go.

You will find the correction of the dictation by clicking on Correction. The text will then be displayed.


The other asset of my dictations is the analysis of each sentence that I offer. You will then spot the difficult words or sentences. You will find each explanation of the dictation under Analysis.


N.B. In the Analysis section, all the explanations are written in French in order for you to improve your comprehension skills in addition to your grammar.

 Dictation 2.     Coming soon.                                    A2-B1 

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